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Client Reviews from Redmond, WA

"I own both a 2001 S4 and a 2003 A4 Avant (1.8 T). I have had both cars serviced at the Redmond Werkshop for the past few years and have been thoroughly satisfied with their work. They are very customer service focused and have repaired both simple and complex problems on both cars. Derryl (Cub) and his staff are simply not satisfied until your car's problems are properly diagnosed and repaired.
On my S4, I had a complex transmission issue that resulted in the removal and reinstallation of the transmission 3 times … a very costly repair ($1,500 to remove and reinstall each time). The Shop even brought in outside expertise to help with the diagnosis. Yet, they only charged me the price as if they removed and reinstalled the transmission only once! I was very impressed with their willingness to find the problem and pleasantly surprised when they presented me the bill.
As long as I have my Audis, I will continue to bring them to the Redmond Werkshop!"
- Brad
"I have been a Redmond Werkshop customer for nearly 10 years now. Over the years their team has taken care of 3 cars in our family and I have always been amazed by their thoroughness and attention to detail. I have always been treated fairly and honestly with work done on time and on budget. Many shops would get these high praises but the Werkshop goes beyond the exceptional.

What sets them apart from other shops is their deep knowledge of particular idiosyncrasies of specific car models and their proactive recommendations to avoid the dreaded "on highway" breakdown. We have never had a breakdown in the past decade and that is high praise as all of our cars are used for business and they take a high-use beating.
Shake hands — auto repair in Redmond, WA
Their technicians are obviously well trained and caring. From major engine repair to tacking down an annoying rattle their work has been superb.
Private businesses live and die by their reputation and from the look of their full lot of cars waiting for their touch, I am obviously not their only satisfied customer. I continue to recommend them as an exceptional service and repair shop.
And hey…. Thanks!"
- Brian